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Our Studio


Come feel the warmth and energy of our fresh bright studio. The maple flooring is a solid surface for your practice requiring only your favorite yoga mat. If you require a yoga mat we will provide you with one for your session and you can help yourself to our yoga straps, bolsters, blankets, flex-bands, and cork blocks.



As you glance through the studio windows you will find a scenic view to the outside world of nature as we overlook the forest and always have a view to a new horizon.


We also offer at our studio an indoor treadmill just in case you feel like going for a short run before your yoga practice.


For the golfer, we also offer an outdoor launch pad situated on our deck overlooking the forest. You can practice your golf swing with special golf clubs and training aids to help reinforce your swing path.


Pamper Yourself!


Stay for a relaxing shower after your yoga session, your indoor/outdoor run or after your outdoor cycle through the surrounding trails.





YogaTent Studio & Class Policies

Prior to Class





Om Gym



Refrain from eating a heavy meal two to three hours before practicing. A full stomach can hinder the practice of postures and breathing.

Please remove shoes upon entering the studio, and turn off cell phones and pagers.

Arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to prepare for class.

Inform your teacher before class if you have any injuries or physical concerns.

Observe silence in the studio before class begins, as many students enjoy this time for meditation.

Kindly refrain from wearing perfume or cologne, due to allergic reactions to fragrances.


Please do not chew gum during practice/class.





What to bring


Please bring a yoga mat, a towel and water. We provide water and tea before and after class. Stay hydrated and feel free to sip some water throughout the class.


What to Wear

Comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and wicks away sweat


Change Rooms

Our change room/bathroom offers shower facilities so please bring an exrtra towel


Yoga Mats

Please bring your own mat but if you require a yoga mat we will provide you with one for your session. Our freshly clean mats are available to rent for $1


We provide yoga props such as yoga straps, bolsters, blankets, chairs, flex-bands, and cork blocks for your use during practice.



Drop-In/Pre-Registered Sessions

Some classes are drop-in and pre-registration is not required however some classes require pre-registration. Email to confirm if we have space available for drop-in.




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