Yoga & Golf

“Sandra’s Yoga For Golfers Program has not only added at least 15 yards to my drives, it has sharpened my focus and increased my strength and flexibility, not only on my game but my everyday routines”

-Alison Holmes, Brampton, Ontario

In his book, Training a Tiger: A Father’s Guide to Raising a Winner in Golf and Life (HarperCollins, 1998), Earl Woods, father of great Tiger Woods, reminds his son, “If you don’t clutter your conscious mind with endless pointers and tips, you make it easier for your subconscious instincts to guide you.”

“The western world is more open to eastern philosophy in which disciplines like yoga emphasize the power of the intuitive mind over cognitive thought.”

-Jaime Diaz, Senior writer, Golf Digest and Golf World

All the instruction in the world won’t help you if you allow stress to seep into your game. The stress of negative self-talk disrupts the flow of concentration, and therefore, impairs the physical aspects of the golf game.

Client Testimonials

“With Sandra’s guidance, keen eye for detail, extensive knowledge and experience,

  • I am beginning to comprehend the true essence of Yoga.It is truly empowering!
  • I give Yoga Tent 11 out of 10!”

-Manda, (Acton) Halton Hills, Ontario

“I have been attending Sandra’s yoga classes for 3 years now. I have had memberships to several health clubs but never before have I had this kind of commitment to any form of exercise.Sandra’s studio provides an atmoshpere of peace and belonging. It is a place where Sandra’s energy is transmitted to each of the participants, encouraging them through each pose to test their limits and strive for excellence.Through my yoga practice I have gained a new awareness of my physical and mental health. Both have improved tremendously. I no longer have lower back problems and my flexability has been restored.

Yoga has become part of my life not just an exercise program. I have Sandra to thank for this!”

-EJ Thiel, Milton, Ontario, Age 53

“I love going to Sandra’s Yoga class. I always feel rejuvenated when I leave. Sandra approach to teaching is effortless. Her classes are inspiring, creative and have helped me to deepen my practice. Not to mention the Yoga Tent studio is located in the most beautiful, quiet setting in Acton. I first took one of Sandra’s classes at another studio and loved it so much I decided to start taking classes at Yoga Tent Studio. I drive about 40 minutes one way just to take her class. I have also had the privilege to have gone hiking through Limehouse with Sandra. Beautiful to say the least. For anyone thinking about taking Yoga with Sandra I can happily say it will be one of the best decisions of your life. Her classes challenge me to no end.”

-Erin Michelle Martin, Brampton, Ontario

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“Sandra is definately an expert in her field, she has definately found her calling! Her Yoga classes are superb and she always pays careful attention to each individual offering specific instruction to each student’s needs. Her concept of small classes allows each participant to get the maximum benefit from every class. Sandra is highly movitivating and is a true inspiration. I sincerely thank you!”

-Janet Knox has endorsed your work as Owner RYT 500 Teacher at YogaTent Studio.