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You're the Guru Cycling Workshop!!!

Training with Heart Rate (HR) & Power!

$60 (4 hour session)

with Coach Ian MacLean and Sandra Abbott


Date: Sunday TBA

12 - 4 pm


Cardiorespiratory fitness is the most important component of health-related fitness. It is one of the best indicators of how well the heart, lungs, circulation, and muscles are functioning. Training with HR & Power is a 4 hour learning opportunity to enhance your training process. Learn more about determining your Anaerobic Threshold, the point at which your body can no longer process enough oxygen to feed the muscles the required amount of energy-and your body's optimal fat burning heart rate zone.

Optimize your training time, energy and skills when you work within your Personalized Heart Rate Zones and Training Plans. Coach Ian MacLean will discuss key training drills that will increase riding efficiency and riding power. Combined with a one hour Power YogaFlow session you will experience the zone/flow connecting each yoga pose to the next with your breath. !!! Experience the Shakti (the power)...you are the Guru remember.




Yoga for Cyclists

YogaTent private and semi-private yoga sessions for cyclists

If you are training for the next adventure race or out for a liesure tour on your bike come and discover some fantastic mountainbiking trails in the area especially if you don't mind a little mud here and there.





Clinics & Courses

Learn to Really Race & to Really Stretch

Advanced Cycling Course with Coach Ian MacLean

$120 (8 hour session) OCA Members

$145 (8 hour session) Non OCA Members

Includes Light Lunch and Welcome Pack


Date: Sunday TBA

9 - 5 pm


Get advanced, hands-on training for improving your riding skills and attaining the results you want! Learn to perfect a series of core cycling competencies under the careful direction of one of Canada’s top cycling experts, Ian MacLean.  The cycling training will be augmented by a leading edge Yoga for Cyclists introduction session taught by Sandra Abbott, owner and founder of YogaTent.

This advanced cycling course is designed for the triathlete at heart.  This premier offering will combine the core riding skills essential to every great rider with the ultimate cross training Yoga poses to increase cycling efficiency and avoid repetitive motion injuries allowing you to ride longer and injury free.

This enjoyable, effective course consists of classroom and on-bike sessions.

Course content

A combination of classroom sessions and outdoor riding helps you improve your skill and confidence in race situations. Topics taught include the following:

  • Riding in groups safely and efficiently
  • Proper cornering techniques
  • Proper ascending and descending skills
  • Hill climbing
  • Proper gearing and braking techniques
  • 5 key Yoga poses (asanas) to a stronger and injury free body

Prerequisites and what to bring

Students should have some cycling background and recent racing experience. Bike, helmet, clothing appropriate for weather (rain or shine!), cycling shoes, and WATER / H2O.




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