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Yoga for Runners

YogaTent private and semi-private yoga sessions for runners

It's the last few kilometeres of the race when everyone is cheering you on that you are almost there when you realize that the finish line isn't really that close and perhaps your posture starts to go a little and your power gel is all gone by now. Does this sound familiar? Well when you practice yoga regularly you won't feel that way towards the end of the race. You can easily prevent long-term injuries, improve your posture, and strengthen and condition your tendons and ligaments that really seize up after each run. Just remember that tight hips effect your shoulders, knees, back, and ankles. Gotta do yoga!!!


Come and join Sandiji for either a 5 km, 7 km, or 12 km outdoor run and then some yoga therapy for your body.


We also offer at our studio an indoor treadmill just in case you feel like going for a short run before your yoga practice.









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