Hiking | Snowshoeing

Hiking and Snowshoeing


Limehouse Halton Hills

Enjoy a beautiful hike with Sandra & Friends

Take some time out for yourself and enjoy a hike after your yoga session at beautiful Limehouse. This is simply blissful and the energy exchange between nature and self is calming and refreshing.You can choose to invite your family to join us on the hike experience or take some time just for yourself to perhaps reflect on things that are in need of attention and enjoy the tranquil environment as part of your yoga practice.

Join Sandra for a weekend hike on the Limehouse hiking trail or Scottsdale Farm trail.  On those snowy days please bring your snowshoes and explore the nearby terrain.  Meeting areas are at Limehouse community church parking lot or at YogaTent Studio.

Needing a break from your day to day routine?

Limehouse Hiking Information